Preserving the Past  -  Planning the Future
Wright Township
Ottawa County, Michigan
Wright Township Historical Commission

Wright Township Historical Commission plans to release their book on the 160th Berlin Fair at Marne Fest Monday May 25, 2015. Watch for their historic display at the 160th Berlin Fair exhibit hall June 8 to 13, 2015.

Wright Township Historical Commission
At the time of Wright Township’s 165th Anniversary, the Wright Township Historical Commission was established to collect, preserve and protect the history of the township.

On August 10, 2011, Wright Township’s Board unanimously approved the creation of the historical commission at their regular board meeting.

The members of the historical commission are Mary Alt, president, Linda Triick, treasurer, Barb Saunier, secretary, Dave Despres, Betty Brown, Gary Kaar and Julie Reames.  Everyone is invited to come to meetings held on the third Thursday of January, April, July and October. Everyone is also invited to help in the work that the commission is doing with copying, digitizing and indexing records for preservation.

The historical committee has been working with the oldest records of the township. They have been working weekly at making copies, digitizing, indexing and making these records available to the community. They are collecting family histories, which include photographs, information and stories. Every year, they put on a display at the Berlin Fair in the Exhibit Hall.

They ask everyone to be a part of this adventure. Looking back can be interesting, fun and exciting to imagine the way of life before our present day. If you are willing to share your family information and photos, please call the township office and leave your name and phone number. Someone from the historical commission will be in touch with you. They scan and copy your precious pieces and will give you a digital copy for your safe keeping and sharing.

Thank you,
Mary Alt, president
Wright Township Historical Commission